Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dean May - Week 3 HW

1. Gregor’s convoy sets off from Sconsin, entering into the Northern patch of the wastes
2. The convoy are stopped a party of Soudaska Tribals.  The tribals drive up close for a bit of probing, but conflict is narrowly avoided
3. The convoy enters the deep canyons of the Soudaska Territory
4. A rockslide damages the emissary’s rig, leaving it stranded until it can be repaired. The emissary is
moved to another vehicle and the convoy continues without Gregor, the mechanic, and a few others,
who are left to repair the rig.
5. On the second night of being stranded, Gregor must fight off a band of Soudaska Raiders. Many are killed and the rig is towed away when Gregor is driven away.
6. Recognizing his failure and the loss of a holy vehicle, Gregor, Clark, and the mechanic resolve to track down the Soudaska Chief and steal back the rig
7. Gregor ambushes a lone Soudaska and steals their vehicle and clothes, and transfers Odessa so that
she can trace the rest of the tribe.
8. The ploy works initially, but conflict breaks out under close inspection.  A hopeless fight breaks out as the Soudaska rally to deal with the intruders.  Clark sacrifices himself in hopes of atonement, allowing Gregor to reach the rig.  Odessa takes over as escort as Gregor takes the rig on a mad dash out of the camp.
9. Gregor communes with the spirit (AI) of the rig and sets it to return to Sconsin.  He jumps to the
Soudaska chief’s rig in a last ditch sacrificial effort, allowing the rig to escape
10. Odessa returns with the rig, and relates the tale of Gregor de Cago’s feats.

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