Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Grace Kim - Week 3 HW

  1. Sun born to a noble woman through a travelling merchant/demon hunter. Raised in secrecy to avoid scandal for mother’s upcoming marriage. Younger half sister, Aya, born to both noble parents and raised in privilege while Sun grows up largely ignored by step paternal side of family and as a servant.
  1. While pulling pranks as children, Aya and Sun become enamored by a demon disguised as an infant deer. Both were kidnapped and planned to be sacrificed but since the demon was weak they found out a way to outsmart and defeat it.
  1. They grow up wanting to learn to become demon slayers. Highly frowned upon for Aya since she is technically the eldest daughter of the noble family, but decides anyways to pursue it along alongside Sun.
  1. Mother unsuccessfully tries to sway them away from it for years. Gives up and tells them where to meet Sun’s real father, a demon slayer from a different land. Tells them to travel and learn from him.
  1. Spirits are generally seen as harmless, usually known for pulling pranks and even bringing good luck. Demons are dark spirits who have taken over a human hosts who has died horribly or out of sorrow. They are able to twist spirits into becoming subservient and thus becoming darkened spirits. (There are also witches who have willingly given up their souls to darkened spirits out of spite or something else idk man)
  1. Both of them reach Sun’s father’s place of residence in a trading city near the ocean. He has a giant family of his own now as well but recognizes Sun as his daughter. He tests them on their resolve to slay demons.
  1. Become notorious sibling demon slaying duo over the years, cleansing dark spirits and killing demons and witches. Soon they are called to help slay the King of Demons, the first demon created who has been awoken from his eternal slumber from a buncha witches or something.
  1. Possibility one of them gets possessed, depending on who the player plays as the most the lesser played sibling becomes possessed (or maybe  vise versa). Or many of the other demon hunters that have gathered become possessed or killed (prob Sun’s dad or another important figure I haven’t thought of yet)
  1. Retreat and seek the help of the First Witches (or they find them after assessing the damage and bring them to a safe place to heal) Demons and spirits run rampant across the earth. Our demon slayer(s) have to find a way to grow their forces again while the demon king himself grows more power and minions. Maybe there are other mystical creatures here like ogres and mermaids, etc, and maybe even sun wukong wHOA RAD. Try to recruit them successfully 

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