Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ilenia Colaiacomo - Week 3 HW

- Cid realizes he’s getting sick, possibly dying, after escaping from cops
- Mermaid lady goes to the sea witch and becomes human
- Cid finds now human girl washed up on shore and learns of sea witch
- Cid pretends to befriend girl by helping her get to prince guy so he can get close to sea witch (sneaks around the kingdom)
- Mermaid lady meets prince guy & Cid meets sea witch, gets a taste of what’d it be like
- Cid has to race to the surface while fightin off sea creatures after spell has worn off
- Cid finds mermaid girl after making a deal with sea witch to help her fail
- Mermaid girl gets ditched by prince and dies
- Cid turns into sea creature, but changes his mind and fights a final battle with sea witch
- Cid returns as a human, gets drunk, falls, hits head on way down… dies.

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