Monday, March 7, 2016

Christopher Ruiz - Week 4 HW

The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was Intro
The camera pans from late afternoon sky down to the top of a large, old brick wall. The boy climbs over from the other side. A couple kids run up to the wall, relieved and surprised that he came back; they were all very scared for him. They say that they can’t believe he actually did the dare. The kid’s father runs up, yells at the kid to come back down, and he climbs down the giant wall with impressive ease. The father reprimands the kid for climbing the wall; he’s told the kid countless times that it’s dangerous outside the walls, and he’s forbidden to leave them. The father tells the boy that he must stop taking these risks and learn to careful with his life. The father calms down after a bit, and mentions that he wishes the boy would fear danger, for his own sake. The boy sadly mutters that he wished he’d feel any fear at all before heading back to his house. The father begins to follow the boy, and attempt to comfort him, but holds back. He thinks for a moment, and instead heads into town. The father enters a potion shop, and decides to spend a considerable amount of money on a single potion, against his better judgment. The viewer cannot yet tell what the potion is for. The father returns home in the evening, looks towards his son’s room, where he has already gone to bed, sighs, and goes to bed himself.

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