Friday, April 1, 2016

Brennan White - Week 6 HW

(script under cut)
Introduction: Midas Touch

-Distant landscape of city skyscrapers covering the landscape
-A helicopter type vehicle comes into frame
-It continues in towards the city at a low altitude
-We continue to a mid shot of the city overhead
-Vehicle add a medium shot of the hospital for context purposes
-Next we see the rooftop with a helicopter pad
-The vehicle comes in from the top of frame
-It makes a soft landing with smoke coming out of its engines which are pointed at the ground
-A gurney and two medics exit the vehicle via a ramp
-We follow the gurney as it moves through the halls of the building it becomes apparent this is a hospital.
-The gurney continues down the hallways as it approaches a room labeled O.R.
-An operation table with several robotic arms with multiple points of articulation
-The doctors are speaking next to the operating table
-The patient is brought onto the operating table and we can clearly see the missing lower arm with rough bandages
-The robotic arms begin working on the damaged limb and encroach with scalpels in hand
-We see a new robotic arm on a rolling table with all the parts exploded out and ready to be assembled
-The muscles and nerves are given connectors and wired into the pieces of the new arm
-After the arm is assembled we move to a hospital room with the MC looking at his new arm.
-We have a first person shot of the his hand over head observing this new arm.
-He clenches into a fist.
-Back to view of him in bed he slams his fist to the bed in frustration.
-Next he brings his hand up to the railing of his bed.
-Close up to the hand as it grips the railing
-Cybernetics grow from the fingertips where they are touching the railing almost like a mold growing out.

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