Friday, April 15, 2016

Christopher Ruiz - Week 10 HW

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Style Guide

-Village should feel very homely, comfy, and warm.
-Village style references: Demizu Posuka, Windwaker (Windfall Island)
Model test: Environment

-Heavily stylized, semi-pushes proportions
-Windwaker style humans, but slightly less cartoony and more detailed
-Mett changes throughout story to reflect his environment and age, as well as the effect the exile had on him


What Fear Was

Main Line: A boy is exiles from his village and sets out on a journey to find his fear.

Storyline: Mett lives with his father and brother, he lived a normal life, but he does not feel fear, and it occasionally gets him into trouble. He wants to know fear. He accidentally kills his father, who was trying to scare him in a fake attack. He is immediately exiled from the village. The boy explores the wilds for two years, learning to fend for himself. He grows lonely and sad. He feels guilt for killing his father. He does not feel fear. He tries to befriend animals but they do not trust his fearlessness. He decides he must find fear no matter what. Eventually, the boy returns to the village and is met by the elder. He wants to return but the elder will not allow him to until he has found fear. The elder tells the boy of his mother and his birth, and directs him to the ancient dungeon near the village. Mett sets out to the dungeon, on a final mission to find his fear, confront it, and redeem himself in the eyes of the village.
World: Post-Apocalyptic, at a point where the world has long since rebuilt itself. The majority of people live in smaller communities, often walled off from the surrounding wilderness. Surrounding forests and other wilderness are unusual and dangerous, and people tend to avoid leaving their communities.

-Mett: Metuo, our protagonist, is a boy who feels no fear. Besides that, he is a somewhat serious, quiet kid who can also be exciting to be around, due to his daring nature.
-Metuo’s father: Since his wife’s passing not long after Metuo’s birth, he has been the only family to his two sons.  He is strict, mostly out of concern and fear for Metuo’s safety.
-Gameplay would be a 3rd person action/adventure game, along the lines of the dungeon segments of Windwaker, but with a much larger emphasis on platforming. Rather than finding weapons, Mett would have to rely on tools he could build through a crafting mechanic. Certain items would only by craftable after reaching certain areas, where their materials could be found.

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