Friday, April 1, 2016

Dean May - Week 6 HW

Storyboard Script

1. Convoy is tearing through North American bluffs
2. Eighteener’s Cab Lancer warns of incoming raiders
3. A raider car rushes up besides the truck
4. Fourthhorse barges in between, knocking the car aside
5. Clark throws a grenade, destroying the car
6. More raiders close the distance, pressuring the convoy from all sides
7. With a whooping cry, the raiders descend, leaping from the backs of pickup trucks onto the defending cars
8. Clark spears an assailant, but is unable to stop another raider from spearing the Wheelman
9. Bleeding profusely, the Wheelman adjusts settings on the car as the raiders push ahead
10. Speaking to Odessa, the Wheelman says goodbye
11. Screaming the name of the old gods (Ford, Dodge, and Mitsubishi), the Wheelman grabs his own grenade and throws himself onto a raider truck, destroying it
12. Clark watches in horror; the convoy escapes.

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