Friday, April 1, 2016

Jaret Sites - Week 6 HW

● Wide angle shot of a metropolis city fully lit up during the nighttime
● Camera pans downwards towards the darker lit dystopian slums of the city
● Camera stops panning and refocuses on a close up shot of a suspended catwalk in a residential area with cloudy mists rising up from the depths below
● Aggressive shouting can be heard from somewhere out of view, "Someone grab her!" "Waste that bitch!"
● Gunshots are heard out of view until one bullet zips past the camera view and hits a concrete wall.
● A red cloak whips past the camera view across the catwalk. Red is on run.
● Camera cuts to a close up shot of thugs running through the slums. Their feet hitting the pavement, their guns firing frantically, their shouting echoing through the streets.
● The camera cuts quickly to a wide shot front view of the gang of thugs searching for their target while the silhouette of Red enters the foreground atop another catwalk to watch watch them before moving quickly across the view.
● Camera cuts to a medium shot of the thugs pointing their guns in every direction in caution, holding their fire so they can observe carefully.
● Camera cuts to a medium shot of a thug with a street lamp overhead in the background. The light is shot out and the alleyway goes dark
● The lights are shot out and the thugs become panicked in the dim light
● Red comes down from above and kicks gangster ass with EMP emissions from her arm and koo-ra- te
● One of the thugs gets the better of her and knocks her down. Another stands over her and aims his gun at her face as she kneels to get up
● Camera cuts to a close up of Red's face, eyes noticing the gun pointed at her. her eyes look panicked and defeated. Before the gangster can execute her, she closes her eyes and has a ~~flashback~~ and the camera view fades to black
● Camera cuts to close up of Red's face, eyes closed. Red's eyes open.
● Camera cuts to a medium shot of Red as a child lying in a bed in some kind of orphanage.
● Gameplay of Red exploring the orphanage. Red plays with other children in the orphanage and goes scavenging in a junk yard. When Red returns she has a scheduled psychological evaluation. Red enters room for psychological assessment.
● Camera cuts to an over-the- shoulder view of Red sitting in a chair facing a psychotherapist. The psychotherapist asks her questions about her past life when she lived with her parents. Red answers the questions and describes her past life. Eventually the psychotherapist asks questions about the incident during which Red's home was attacked by gangsters and her parents were killed. This triggers Red and she physcially attempts to block out the trauma by burrowing her head into her arms. She rexperiences the incident audibly
● Camera cuts to black at the sounds of a gunshot.
● Camera cuts to close up of Red's face, eyes closed. Red's eyes open.
● Camera cuts to close up of the gangster aiming his gun out of view towards the camera. The gangster falls dead.
● Camera cuts to medium shot of Red turning to face the other gangster.
● Camera cuts to medium shot of the other gangster coming to the realization that someone else shot his comrade from somewhere in the shadows. The gangster turns to look around and another gun shot sounds off, ending his life with a bullet to to the brain.
● Camera cuts to wide shot of Red amongst all the dead bodies of the gangsters.
● Camera cuts to medium shot of Red looking in a new direction towards the shadows.
● Camera cuts to medium shot of an alley covered in shadow. A new voice is heard. The dark figure of The Huntsman steps out from the shadows and into the light.

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