Friday, April 1, 2016

Tina Grillo - Week 6 HW

The first scene is a mixed up situation at a military base stationed somewhere in space. They are overlooking and frantically discussing the situation that they are in as the planet is being attacked by another force. There is an intergalactic war occurring, forcing those at this military station signaling back to their main corps that the planet is currently being destroyed – the base is stationed just outside the stratosphere of the planet at harm. We interrupt the frantic conversations at the military base to cut to a wide shot screen of the planet being destroyed, along with the base stationed there. We then cut to Earth – a close-up of the ground and its surroundings. We pan to Ugly laying what appears to be lifeless on the ground in the outskirts of a nearby town. We get to a close-up of his head and shoulders, a rock suddenly hits his face, causing him to frantically wake up from his apparent slumber. We pan to a group of 3 kids that then try to run away after throwing the rock – they immediately leave the scene. We pan back to Ugly, this is where he starts to prop himself up and examine his surroundings. As some time goes back and Ugly is still unsure of where he is, a man shows up (hinted by the children from earlier that there was an ugly robot lying around on the outskirts of town). The man shouts, ‘Wow, you really are Ugly!” jokingly. This catches the attention of Ugly. He nervously turns around to look at the man. The man tells Ugly to come with him. He takes Ugly to the establishment that he runs. As they’re walking there, the man asks Ugly some questions, while Ugly responds with very unsure answers to questions like “So, who are you?” and “Where do you come from?”
The establishment that washes all electronics – mostly mobile vehicles. It also doubles as a Bar/Diner/Grill. The reasoning for this is because food establishments aren’t as plentiful in the area. Ugly cautiously follows the man into the restaurant part of the establishment. You see the children from earlier whispering to a woman working at the bar. They each stop talking as soon as they see Ugly walk in with the man. Many people in the establishment stare at Ugly, making him even more nervous. A relative of the owner who’s sitting at a diner table in the corner of the restaurant becomes very curious of his appearance and wants to know more. This is where the character prompts themselves to be introduced and convinces the owner to take him under their wing, saying that they can help Ugly find some information on how to get back home.
The character explains that they think something fishy is going on. They are a government/military conspiracy theorist since at this point, Earth is led a singular union with one main president actually doubling as the military leader. There are also smaller presidents representing the different regions of the planet. Thus, in this futuristic Earth, military and government have been completely combined into one solid union. The character knows something strange happened to a certain planet because he has one pen pal from that planet that they haven’t heard back from in a while. He looks through articles that look like they don’t make any sense or are fabricated (fake news articles talking about the planet). They make very detailed comparison and have them all stuck on the wall. The character theorizes that Ugly may come from this planet since the article had been published around a week ago, and that’s around the same amount of time it takes for their former pen pal’s messages to get to Earth. This is where they start digging and planning.
The antagonist is the military corporate leader that is keeping secrets from the planet earth, and other planets in the union, of the destruction of Ugly’s home planet in another solar system. Campagins and commericals are made to get Ugly’s face out there and recognized by the public. This forces the president and executives to pay attention to the skepticism his presence would create for anyone hearing about it. They eventually decide they would try to locate the bot and ask for his “return” to the military, saying that he must come with them. Ugly’s friend isn’t buying it, and they make a quick escape from the authorities. Their plan was to take Ugly and confine him from the world and question him, thinking that he may have been a spy bot of some sort for the opposing union. The character assumes that they want him for some purpose along these lines, but they are not entirely sure – they just have a strong feeling that they must avoid them from now on.

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