Monday, September 12, 2016

Andrew Cheng - Week 1 HW

I am incorporating The Last of Us and Little Red Riding Hood. Because The last of us is one of my all time favourites. In this story, Joel will be the hunter who is trying to escort Ellie to her grandma’s house through a dark forest, and the infected will be werewolves instead.  There will also be villagers standing in their way, trying to sacrifice them to the moon goddess so the werewolves can turn back to human. It will be a survival action shooter game much like the Last of Us, instead of guns, the pair of survivors only have knives, bows and slingshots. The player will need to gather materials from the wild, and figure out a way to set fire at night, and try their best to hide their tracks since there enemies will be following them. Werewolfs are much more powerful and agile than humans, but they are afraid of fire. Players can also hunt down their enemies and eliminate them before they become a threat. Boss fights will be the leaders of the wolfpacks and village warriors who caught up to you. Players can level up their crafting skills by gathering a special kind of mushroom. Health kits, weapons, torches are some of the items available for crafting. Ellie practices some kind of dark magic, it enables her to fight off the werewolves, at least temporarily. By using her magics, she gain experience points, when her power upgrades, player can choose whether to strengthen existing abilities or learn new ones. However, players are discouraged to play aggressively and carelessly, stealth is a big part of the game. At the end, they received a heartwarming welcome from Ellie’s grandma. But they then found out it was a trap, Ellie’s grandma lost her sanity under the excruciating amount of fear, so she tried to lure Ellie’s in just to sacrifice her. Joel then killed everyone in the house and rescued Ellie.
The End  :)

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