Thursday, September 22, 2016

Brandon Tromp - Week 3 HW

1. Both assassins get set off to find the pirate captain
2. Follow clues and find the first hideout
3. Get fought and begin being transported to the main hideout
4. Edward gets saved by the other assassins but his companion gets taken away
5. He follows the clues left by the pirates and finds out what island their main hideout is located
6. Hijacks a boat from one of the pirate leaders main men then sets sail to the island
7. Arrives at the island and makes way into the cave
8. Confronts the pirate Leader and kills him then retrieves his companion
9. Set sail back and must take out the last remaining pirates who had set sail
10. Return back to the assassin hideout and find out the main leader was working with the
pirates. Edward kills him and takes the role as leader

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