Thursday, September 22, 2016

Duke de Castro - Week 3 HW

1.    The beginning of the story. Quasimodo is imprisoned in a cell and is approached by a stranger who reveals details of Frollo to him.
2.    When Quasimodo finally decides he needs to leave, he breaks out of the cell into the city
3.   He is wandering around the city, not knowing what is going on because he has lived his entire life in a cell. He meets an old priest who gives him words of wisdom. And starts his journey.
4.    As he continues on through the city he sees a woman frantically running away from soldiers. He rushes to her aid and she explains how she escaped from Frollo and made it here.
5.    They continue to travel through the city and see soldiers throwing a man off a bridge into the river. They dive in and save him. He tells them that he is the former captain of the Frollo’s crew and when he wouldn’t do the evil tasks assigned to him Frollo tried to have him killed.6.    After they break into the base and find Frollo for the first time, and he discloses his plan and then they are almost killed by his henchman and must escape through the sewer. 
7.    At the end they finally break into his Frollo’s final base, and his two companions die. He goes into a fit of rage and fights Frollo. He is almost defeated, but in the end comes out victorious.  

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