Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Andrew Cheng - Week 11 HW

            In the early 1800’s, a werewolf crisis broke out in the united states of America. It spread quick and vast throughout the settlements, Native American legends say that this was caused by Komorki, the goddess of moon. She detected a spawn of her rival—Makiawa, the forest demon, in the mortal realm, having the form of a human child. Hence Komorki struck the earth with her wrath, causing a famine and drought across the country. And she cursed the people with a disease that turns them into werewolves(works similar to zombies) . People were to turn the demon spawn in by sacrifice in order to save themselves. Ellie, who happened to be the demon spawn, is a early teenage village girl. Her grandma, who lives far away, Is a loyal servant of Komorki, has been suspecting that her granddaughter might be the demon spawn. She wants to protect her granddaughter, but on the other hand she had sworn an oath to serve Komorki no matter what. Contemplating on this matter, the old priestess hired two hunters—Joel and Tess, to escort Ellie to her hideout. ( so instead of the main villain, now she becomes a conflicting character) And this is where the journey Begins.

Act1.  -Illustrations introducing the mythology
            -Ellie wakes up to knocking on her door
            -shows the interior of Ellie’s hut
            -Joel and Tess shows up
            -Joel explains why he came
            -Joel shows Ellie a doll from her Grandma as proof
            -Ellie, though reluctant to leave, gets ready
            -The group took off
( somewhere in between the scene in the story boards happen)
Act2.  – Down to two people, the group keeps going
            -Joel and Tess came across a group of fanatic Komorki
            - The fanatics are performing a ritual, they have captured a bunch of villagers they suspected to be demon spawns and sacrificing them.
                        - Joel and Ellie tried to tip toe their way around, but Ellie stepped on a stick and made a noise.
            - Combat, combat, combat
            - Getting better at controlling her power, Ellie managed to fend for her self.
            - Joel and Ellie killed everyone to prevent reinforcements.
            -Joel appeared to be seriously injured during combat, he lost consciousness due to blood lost.
            -The two was aided by some kind hearted peasant close by, he took them in and tended to Joel.
            -Joel had to rest for a long time, when he is fully recovered, it is winter already
            -they made coats out of animal fur, paid the old man with coins and set off again.
            -Before they parted, the old man told them about the new location of Ellie’s grandma.

            -Combat combat, fight fight

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