Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ashley Rusli - Week 11 HW

The Golden Cucumber

A mother desperate for companionship creates a contract with the verdant giant in

order to have a child, but when she comes of age…the child will be consumed. The child lives a

peaceful life until the distraught mother realizes it’s time to tell her child the truth and prepare

her for the future. This child is called Timun Mas, named after the golden cucumber she was

born from. She talks to a sage in the mountains to help her prepare for the day when the giant

comes to take her, then she must fight. Her weapons of choice are odd; 4 small bags the sage of

the mountains have given her each containing a separate ingredient: cucumber seeds, needles,

salt and shrimp paste. Each has a different effect on the environment around them and she uses

this to take down the giant as she sprints across the landscape for her life.

Act 1

The contract between mother and giant

Act 2

The training between sage and child

Act 3

The fight between verdant child and timun mas

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