Monday, November 28, 2016

Brittany Rolstad - Week 8 HW

…Dream Job
    Stating a dream job is an interesting task because my dream job has changed so many times. I’ve been at LCAD for nine semesters now and I don’t even know how many times my dream job has shifted.
    Realistically I’ll take any job that I can get within the industry after graduation and see what happens from there in either games or animation. Hell, I’d totally be fine with being a PA at a studio and work on personal projects for awhile. But at this point in time if I had to pick a dream outcome; I’d say that it’d have to been working at an indie. Large companies are cool and depending on which one can offer a nice, relatively, stable job and that’s awesome. However, smaller independent companies are more my speed and are open to flexibility. I’m a 2D artist, and this job field is narrowing intensely every year. The only way you get a 2D job in either games or animation is by being an incredible artist. Well, I’m no Cory Loftis or Scott Watanabe. I feel that I have more of a shot working at an indie to purse 2D in either asset creation or concept. I’d be able to tackle low poly 3D if needed. I know how difficult it’ll be to make it work in the indie world of uncertainty, but I’m willing to go for it.
I’ll totally sell my soul to a shit mobile game studio if have to as long as they let me do 2D, even in making the millionth Candy Crush knock off.  

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