Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Edwin Peraza - Week 11 HW

Story Synapse

The main character Jack lives in a world governed by the rich. His dwelling resides in the poor city of Atlas. He is a thief and an expert driver so this gets him into trouble but eventually his actions get him to meet Daxter who is a luxury hover racer mechanic. After an unfortunate encounter caused by Jack with the cities local gang Daxter is forced to leave Atlas. Jack on the other hand takes this opportunity to recruit daxter in helping him compete in the Great race in order to gain riches and escape his life of crime. Jack and Daxter embark on a perilous journey in this deadly race and meets friends and enemies from far and wide.

Act 1 Beat board: Jack and Daxter partnership 2,3,5

Act 2 Beat board:  Jack and Daxter get more famous and attract the audience and worry the main villain Erol 2,3,6 possibly 1

Act 3 Beat board: Final boss fight with Jack and Daxter against Erol  2,4 and possibly 6

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