Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Melissa Peterman - Week 6 HW

(continued under cut)
Story Beats 1. Location forest mountains [est. shot] 

2. zoom to Grandfather’s House 
3. Next shot is inside Grandfather’s House with MC putting on his boots 
4. MC carries Backpack 
5. MC Tying raincoat 
6. MC walks down hallway 
7. MC stops at closed door 
8. MC apologies to Grandfather, but states he has to leave 
9. MC goes back to walking down hallway 
10. Shot of inside of Grandfather’s room 
   a. body lying in futon i. covered in white sheet 
     ii. picked flowers around futon 
11. Shot outside on Grandfather’s house with MC opens front door and walks out 
   a. he closes when he leaves [not shown but implied] 
12. MC walks towards the edge of the mountain 
   a. the Mountain edge is in front of Grandfather’s house 
13. MC looks down the mountain into the valley 
14. Zooms in on black dots 
   a. they are houses 
15. MC comments how long he in going to have to walk 
   a. a joke with no humor behind it 
16. MC looks back at Grandfather’s House 
17. MC starts to tear up 
18. MC wipes tears away 
19. MC puts on a determine face 
20. Walks past Grandfather’s house 
   a. walking on trail 
   b. The journey begins 

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