Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sophia Yacoby - Week 11 HW

Sonic and Tails Synopsis/Act Descriptions
Sonic and Tails are happily running in Green Hill Zone on a bright sunny afternoon, until one day the evil mad scientist Dr. Eggman forms a dreadful famine across their homeland of South Island, leaving all the woodland creatures without food and shelter. He then captures Tails, Sonic’s best friend, leaving Sonic in anger. Sonic meets a fairy and helps him in search for Tails. Can Sonic rescue Tails on time and save their home from this awful famine?
Act 1:
Somewhere in the middle of Rocky Valley, in Dr. Eggman’s secret underground base, Eggman is in total anger and frustration after his recent defeats by Sonic, his archnemesis, showing much abomination towards him. Suddenly, he has an idea to establish a famine across South Island by sending out his robot troops to snatch away all the precious gold rings and destroy all the homes on the island.
Act 2:
Sonic and the fairy are running through Rocky Valley. Sonic and the fairy stop for a minute and realize they have found Dr. Eggman’s secret base sitting right in the middle of the valley itself. Sonic and the fairy agree to enter the base and find Tails who is awaiting for Sonic to come and rescue him.
Act 3:
After Sonic defeats Eggman’s massive robot, Sonic manages to finish Eggman off by shoving him into the furnace, killing him. Sonic then unlocks the cage Tails was captured in, and rescues him. They embrace each other with joy and happiness, and fly off into the sky in Tails’ plane, the Tornado.

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