Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kaylee Gifford - Week 2 HW

- more under cut -

Hero's Journey

1.     THE ORDINARY WORLD- Hunter starts out as fisherman in home village, seeing hunters come and go.
2.     CALL TO ADVENTURE- Hunter decides to join Hunter’s Guild, now that they’ve come of age.
3.     REFUSAL TO CALL- Hunter takes on a trial in the arena, and witnesses what its like to fight a monster.(begins questioning decision)
4.     MEETING WITH THE MENTOR- *Hunter witnesses other seasoned hunters returning from a hunt with their spoils. One of the hunters gives the Hunter one of their old weapons and is re-inspired to hunt.
5.     CROSSING THE THRESHOLD- Hunter starts journey, by traveling across the sea, for their first quest.
6.     TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES- Hunter hires a palico to join them on their hunts. Meets village people while gathering/buying supplies.
7.     APPROACH- After gathering supplies needed, Hunter sets out on quest into the wilderness.
8.     THE ORDEAL- The Hunter encounters their first monster, struggles, but ends up victorious.
9.     THE REWARD- Hunter gathers materials from the beast and returns to the village, sending word to the Guild their first task is complete.
-        Before the Hunter can return to the Guild, the village receives an urgent quest, after a new, more ferocious monster begins to cause havoc.
-        The first quest was only a test now the real challenge arises.
-        The villagers are reliant on the Hunter to take on the rampaging beast.
-        The Hunter encounters the monster, more confident this time.
11.  THE RESURRECTION- The Hunter their palico are left alone to fight the colossi after the rest of the hunters flee. They fight a long gruesome battle which gave the Hunter a scaring injury that would end their hunting career. No longer being able to fight, the Hunter’s palico is left to finish off the beast.
12.  THE RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR- The Hunter and palico return victorious, with new materials from the monster to forge new glorious armor and weaponry. However, seeing as their hunting days are behind them, they give up their plunders and settle down to train and inspire new hunters.

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