Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ziwei Pan - Week 3 HW

Key Moments

1.) Red’s mother gets an order from a customer in the famous city of innovation, Grandmere.
2.) Red is sent off to deliver the parcel, which is comically large and “too valuable” to leave to any normal mail courier.
3.) Red takes the train across the countryside, but must walk the rest of the way to the city when the train breaks down a mile or two out from the city.
4.) Red walks through the forest, noticing that the trees are blackened with soot from the train and there is little wildlife there.
5.) The streets are empty when she arrives, though nothing else seems to be wrong.
6.) The ornate home at the address of her delivery is ransacked, the door ajar.
7.) The dying man’s body is replaced by the wolf ghost, which Red fights briefly before it escapes.
8.) Red walks outside and the city has changed -- white trees cover the streets and buildings, forcing their way through cobblestone streets and breaking stone walls.
9.) Red encounters some smaller creatures, mostly harmless while making her way through the new forest.
10.) Red finds her way to the center of the city, where a massive tree stands in a clearing. The wolf waits in the shadows.

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