Friday, April 8, 2016

Brennan White - Week 9 HW

Dream Job in the Games Industry
When I first came to LCAD I was set on being a Concept artist, and I came here fully willing to pursue that path. Even still I am keeping that in mind and if the opportunity were to come I would certainly jump at the chance to be a concept artist. However I do not think I currently have the drawing skills to actually do it. With diligent practice I am sure I could get there, but thanks to this school I have found another possible route into the games industry. I had my first sculpting class here at this school and it was an eye opening experience and one of the most fun ways to create art. And this semester I am learning zbrush which is gives me the same thrill and I would love to also pursue that path into the games industry doing 3D character and creature designs. All the possibilities that zbrush brings to the table for concept design in games gives me a lot of hope for the future and what cool things I could create. By the time I am done at this school my drawing skills will have advanced to a level where being a concept artist is attainable which would be a difficult path but is certainly fun.

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