Friday, April 8, 2016

Seungyeon Yoo - Week 9 HW



   -character development: (includes color palette and style guide for each pages)

      Protagonist- action poses, orthographic view,

      Antagonist -action poses

      Side kick(?)

   -Final piece


   -Environment Development: save point, main places (2-3)

      (Including style guides for the final development)

   -Final piece (painting and lighting)



Style guide


It is pretty difficult to choose what part of game industry I want to work, but for

right now I think ‘concept art (especially environment)' is most appealing to me than any

other parts of game industry. I like designing characters too, but I realized that

designing environment is more interesting than designing characters (however, I have

to design and draw both of them). Environment in game can give more interests and

reality in the game, but also they can give some specific mood or atmosphere to the

player and some ways or hints to go through to the next stage. The ways concept artists

try to persuade the players with their drawings were really impressing and I hope I could

do in future. Also I like to research about how the structures of architecture, machines

work and designs to apply in my artwork, though it gives me a headache if I have to

figure it out in a short time. I do not have some specific game company I want a job, but

it would be great if I can have a job in an open world MMORPG or video game company

in future and design environment.

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