Friday, April 8, 2016

Ryan Savas - Week 9 HW

Dream job? Well, if I were to pick, a prop designer/modeler would be the most fun for me, specifically weapons or robots. Aside from that, as long as I’m able to use my skills as an artist and provided I have the capability to perform well at the task given to me, I’d be perfectly happy just being in the industry. My view is that, I, as an artist, have to do whatever art I have to do to get paid, and while that sounds uninspired, It’s not. Realistically, I’ll take any job I can get in the art field, provided I’m qualified, and that itself is a dream job to any artist in my opinion. I’m here at LCAD learning skills and building connections because this is all preparation for a job and realistically I’ll take any art jobs that I can. “Making a game” or “being a concept artist” or “making something of my own design” are goals that, while appealing, are not really my main motivation. At the end of the day, if I have a job where I make art for money, that in and of itself is a dream job.

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