Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Andrew Cheng - Week 2 HW

- more under cut -

    In my version of The Last of Us, Joel is still the protagonist. The players will be playing as him for the majority of time.  Joel starts off to be an ordinary villager, he lost his daughter when the werewolf crisis first broke out. He then started to live by himself as a body guard/ hunter. Decades later, one day Joel took a job to escort a girl called Ellie to her to her grandma’s house, which is located at the other side of the forest. So Joel, his partner Tess and Ellie embarked on their journey. To Joel’s surprise, he found out that Ellie possesses a supernatural ability with which she can repel evil spirits and werewolves, she found out about her power during a werewolf attack. After finding out that the forest is swarmed with werewolves, Joel became reluctant to continue, he wanted to back out. But by inspecting the debris of carvings scattered around the forest( collectables) , they found out that Ellie is the descendant of an ancient bloodline that holds the power to potentially cure werewolves. This discovery reinforced their will to bring Ellie home.  But on the other hand, this information somehow got leaked, rumors started spreading amongst nearby villages that the werewolves will all turn back to humans if Ellie herself is offered to the moon goddess as a human sacrifice. Unfortunately, Tess was killed by villagers trying to capture Ellie in a sudden encounter. Before she died, she urged Joel to strive on. From this point on, Joel became fully committed to the mission. After a long desperate struggle, they arrived at the doorstep of Ellie’s grandma. To their dismay, the house was empty. The note nailed onto the door indicated that she had moved to a mountain, away from the forest. In search of the old lady, the two set off for the mountain. After a long search, Joel finally delivered Ellie into her grandma’s arms. But as he was leaving, he overheard that because of fear and ignorance, Ellie’s grandma is going to sacrifice her own granddaughter. Joel then killed the guards, broke in, destroyed the altar and rescued Ellie. They settled far far away and lived happily ever after.

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