Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Andrew Fichthorn - Week 2 HW

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Andrew Fichthorn
The Hero’s Journey

1.        THE ORDINARY WORLD. The first generation Hero was an old war hero and in his old age has become a blacksmith because he had become tired of fighting.

2.        THE CALL TO ADVENTURE.  Every 25 years every man between the age of 18 to 50 is entered into a raffle and the selected one must enter the labyrinth as tribute and a snack for the minotaur.

3.      REFUSAL OF THE CALL  Our hero is selected by the raffle, and is required to enter the maze and fight the beast. However he is quite old at this point and hasn't used a sword in a long time. He doesn't want to but knows he has no choice.Later that night he goes to the local tavern and drinks himself to near dead.

4.        MEETING THE MENTOR However at that bar an old war friend (who is still fighting) finds him and takes care of him, and when he sobers up convinces him to allow his buddy to train him in the month he has before he must enter the labyrinth so he can go out with honor. (this could be used for tutorializing basic stuff/combat)

5.        CROSSING THE THRESHOLD.  At the end of the month the labyrinth opens up one door, he enters, and at sunrise it closes leaving him alone in the labyrinth.

6.        Upon entering the maze he is ambushed by several monsters which he kills, at which point an old bearded man reveals himself to be the chosen raffle guy from 25 years ago because he is content with the skill he has seen.

7.        APPROACH.  The old man teaches the hero about the maze (further tutorial stuff)

8.        THE ORDEAL. The minotaur attacks them and kills the old man but the hero manages to defend himself and get away, in doing so learning that no blade can cut the minotaur.

9.        THE REWARD.  Athena (Goddess of wisdom, war, and useful arts) sees that he is the first person to ever successfully fight back the monster and gifts him a gift from the gods an arm gauntlet that allows him to push and pull metal stuff in the labyrinth. From now on his sons and their sons etc will be selected to enter the labyrinth and will also be given the same magical gauntlet. (here begins the rogue like gameplay)

10.      THE ROAD BACK.  Spurred on by the gift from the gods he hunts down the minotaur through the labyrinth fighting other enemies and solving puzzles

11.     THE RESURRECTION.  The hero kills the minotaur by cutting off his head.

12.       RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR.  He escapes the maze with the minataurs head, ending the need to feed people to the minotaur.

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