Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ashley Rusli - Week 2 HW

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Timun Mas
The ordinary world:
    An orphan with an old, lone lady as a mother. Unaware of the deal Mbok Srini has made with the verdant giant she lives an ignorant but normal life, only burdened by the teases of the other kids and daily chores.
The call to adventure:
    However, there seems to be something different about her and the other children. There is something Mbok Srini is not telling her. The children blame her and her mother for the curse on the land and bad harvest.
Refusal of the call:
    When she is told of her fate to be consumed by the giant on her 16th birthday, only more questions appeared in her mind, but there is no time. Fear, anger and sadness eat at her. She considers running away, but follows Mbok Srini to where she goes after she breaks the news.
Meeting with the mentor:
    Desperate for her daughter’s life, Mbok Srini despite her old age climbs to the top of the mountain to meet a “Rishi” (you can consider this a wise hermit/sage). To answer her prayers the Rishi gifts her with 4 small bags, advising Timun Mas to use these to aid her in her escape. Mbok Srini returns with these mysterious things the Rishi has given her, giving them to Timun Mas and wishing for her safety.
Crossing the threshold:
    Moved by her mother’s efforts, Timun Mas commits to confronting the giant. She trains with ease, learning the path of the fields, rivers and jungles, creating a path for her survival. But she knows it is not enough, the stories told of the verdant giant’s might are prevalent across the land.
Tests, Allies and Enemies:
    She meets the Rishi on her own time to learn about the mysterious items she has been given. They are magical and produce different effects depending on what is thrown. He shows her. She must learn because time is short. He tests her time and time again till she is no longer the ignorant girl that once was. It seems she has a power attached to nature. Some may even try to abuse her powers and items. She must protect herself, her equipment and her mother from these threats without wasting too much time and inventory. He warns her of the destructive powers she now wields and to be careful with the last bag.
    Time has run out. The day arrives and the verdant giant arrives at their home, destroying it. Mbok Srini has tried to buy her time, but at a cost.
The Ordeal:
    The verdant giant chases her through fields, jungles, chasms, rivers, canyons and a vast expanse in which Timun Mas must use her intelligence and physical training to endure the harsh hours in which he chases her incessantly. She has something that the giant wishes for himself. Her powers, and the Rishi’s items. Timun Mas uses the seeds, needles, salt to the giant’s enragement. He uses Mbok Srini as a hostage, enticing her to surrender peacefully if she wants her mother to live. Maybe even let Timun Mas be “special” and welcomed in a world where she is different, like the verdant giant. Finally, she comes as if accepting his offer, but with a trap in mind.
The reward:
    Though scarred, beaten and bruised, she has survived the ordeal. She has rescued her mother. She has not been consumed. She has embraced her differences and her family. The verdant giant has been “destroyed”. However Mbok Srini has also been injured.
The road back:
    Unbeknownst to them the verdant giant survives yet again and chases them.
The resurrection:
    Timun Mas must carry Mbok Srini on her back, or survive alone. The latter would be easier. She sacrifices herself to save Mbok Srini. Timun Mas and the Verdant Giant falls to their deaths. There is a secret Mbok Srini has kept. The reason why she was able to make a deal with the giant so easily and knew where the Rishi was is because she although not special like Timun Mas was, she has the gift of a very green thumb. She forcefully plants a few leftover cucumber seeds in which she was given by the Rishi, at the cost of her life energy.
Return with the elixir:
    Vines quickly grow and catch Timun Mas. Verdant Giant of course tries to grab on as well, but he is too big and heavy. The vines snap and he plunges into a pit of firey lava. Timun Mas descends to check if the giant is truly dead (because they wouldn’t have enough energy to go through that whole ordeal again). A gem seems to float from the lava, as if a relic the verdant giant used to have embedded on his forehead. It holds a lot of power (the elixir). She uses it on Mbok Srini who is on the brink of death. She is consumed by the gem and then given life through a different medium.
    Now Mbok Srini I imagine is kind of like a guidance spirit within the gem and can materialize every now and then. This way Timun Mas can adventure on her own too. She returns to the village and brings much life and greenery back to the village. They prosper and Timun Mas is welcomed much more warmly.

    Without Mbok Srini being bonded by a material body and this village, they go off to see the world because there are many more events across the land and people to encounter (woot continues to all the other folktales). End.

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