Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brandon Tromp - Week 2 HW

- more under cut -
  Edward Kenway is a 22 year old man who is a Royal Navy privateer turned
assassin. His journey takes place within the West Indies. He is apart of the Assassins
Creed. The Creed is an organized group of assassins who are given targets to take out
for political or financial gain. This time it was suppose to be for political and financial
gain as someone had taken a hit out on one of the main Pirate captains.

His call to adventure was when the leader told him about his new target. He
was to assassinate the pirate called Calico Jack. Edward and his accomplice Jeanne
Bonny must set out to find clues to locate this Pirate leader. As they are about to set off
Edward begins to question how suspicious it is that they were given a clue by the
unknown person who hired them. He then confronts the Creed leader and proposes the
idea that maybe it is not a good idea to attempt this hit now. 

His meeting with the Creed leader cures his doubts about the mission, and also leads to him being taught a few new fighting abilities through a course of training exorcises.

 The time has come, its time for Edward to cross the threshold. Jeanne and
Edward set off on their adventure. Traveling to the big city that is said to be the captains
residency. They begin searching around asking around for clues. They begin to find the
clues to where he is is located.  

As they get closer the people they find for clues become more violent. They use to just be talking to shop owners, but now they are talking to pirates and templar
members(who tend to be more aggressive). But along the journey he meets a inventor
who has some personal issues with the Pirate captan and he offers his assistance. He
offers you upgrades to your equipment, but you must go find the parts for him which are
normally lacerated in secure areas.

Now the final clue is done and our characters find themselves at the door of the
location. The Assassins find a secret way in and look around inside, only seeing about 5
pirates (not a big deal for them). They make sure their are no hidden pirates then
assassinate 3 from the shadows, then dropping down to take care of the rest. They look
into the room they were guarding and there he was! Edward wishers to his partner “This
was to easy”. He then creeps in, but then some curtains open up revealing 50 or more
pirates waiting behind them. The assassins get overrun after putting up a good fight
killing 20 or so, but their are just too many! They get knocked out and wake up, feeling
the wheels of a carriage moving. Then some commotion happens and it stops. They
hear the door open and then he feels someone pulling him out. They take his blindfold
off and he sees 3 members of the creed standing there, but then behind him he sees a
caravan of pirates speeding towards them. They are overrun fast, the pirates are like
rats in a sewer in this city. They were unable to save Jeanne in all the commotion. They
now must attempt to save her leading them to the island of the Pirates. This is where he
fights and kills the pirate, also finding out that the pirate put the hit on himself to attempt
to kill the assassins. Before the pirate death he also states he is working with the Creed
leader to kill some Members of the assassin order.

The assassin gets back and then confronts the creed leader, bearing documents
signed by him starting the agreement between him and the pirate. The creed leader
gets angry and attempts to fight you. This leads to an epic battle that Edward wins. He
then ends up becoming the Creed leader.

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