Monday, September 12, 2016

Ashley Rusli - Week 1 HW

The folktale driving the game’s plot/story would be Timun Mas (Indonesian for “Golden Cucumber”) and the game used as inspiration/base would be Lara Croft: Relic Run (and or other related parkour/escape/running games). The gaming experience itself will be based on the latter part of the story in which Timun Mas is running from the Green Giant, equipped only with the 4 small bags (containing respectively: cucumber seeds, needles, salt and shrimp paste) she received to aid her in her escape. The entire game is a boss fight level in which the goal is to keep ahead of the giant (constantly on the run) and falling behind means death (because the green giant would eat her); never being able to see her mother again. Timun Mas must parkour through a progressive landscape going from the plains, rice-fields, jungle and so on and always changes depending on how she handles her equipment. Each bag produces a different result when they are thrown/planted into the ground; you can think of them as magical vials that have instantaneous, landscape-changing effects. The cucumber seeds produce large vines that trap and entangle the giant; the needles produce patches of bamboo forest which are sharp and prickly, injuring the giant; the salt produces patches of deep ocean/water and the final bag of shrimp paste produces patches of molten lava. These bags if thrown incorrectly can and will also effect Timun Mas and may cause her own demise. Along the road there will be bridges, columns, cliffs and other such structures Timun Mas must parkour through. The Green Giant will also be able to speed up, dodge, jump, cause destruction, throw things, make structures fall down in order to hinder Timun Mas’ escape. There is no health bar, however there may be things that can be picked up along the road to help her get past obstacles such as a speed boost. The world aesthetically will progress from daylight to nightfall as a sign of passing time and building exhaustion (along with depletion of resources). The end is signaled when Timun Mas can use her final bag of shrimp paste to create an ocean of lava in which the Giant drowns in a bright firey death. Timun Mas can now return to live with her mother in peace.
The end!

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