Monday, September 12, 2016

Brandon Tromp - Week 1 HW

My game idea will be Hansel and Gretel combined with Assassins Creed:Black

flag. The world design would be the era of the pirate set in the Caribbean. The world will

be open for exploration with one main story line and a lot of side story content. The

main quest is basically about the main assassin and his accomplice who were sent to

assassinate the leader of the Pirate group called “The Blackbeards”. As they enter the

underground tunnel that the Leader was suppose to be they are then overrun with

pirates who were ready for the attack. The then get tied and i beginning to be

transported. During the transportation a group of assassins attempt to save the main

character and his friend. They only manage to save the main character leaving the other

one to the pirates. Then the main character must search the city for the pirates city

hideouts and question the pirates on where the main hideout is located. This journey

takes you all around the city and under the city through the thieves giant underground

civilization. Then leading you across the ocean to the jungle island where the leader is

located. In this game you can collect new armor and learn new fighting moves. There

will be loads of collectables that can lead u to secret treasures or side quest.

The way they got the initial clue to where the leader was, was because he gave it

to them in an attempt to destroy the two best assassins.

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