Monday, September 12, 2016

Brittany Rolstad - Week 1 HW

The game would be in a similar vein to Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer as opposed to the core series.  It would be a take on the Disney rendition of Cinderella with some changes. The main character would play as Cinderella whose stepmother inherited a fashion boutique from Cinderella’s Father. As well as Cinderella doing all the chores and waiting on her inherited family she would essentially be the sole sweatshop worker at the boutique. This aspect of gameplay would allow the player to design and create clothing and accessories, something already a part of the core series but on a larger scale. For example the step sisters would demand outfits and the player would have to create something that would fulfill the task. Along with there being a main storyline to follow, the player and take breaks and simply design clothing and take requests from customers. The player can also design the boutique and storefront, a staple in Animal Crossing games, as well as collecting and buying materials from around the kingdom. There would not be boss battles or combat at all but there would be some action gameplay in the form of ballroom dancing. Ultimately the story would progress and in the end after getting to be with the prince, yippee, Cinderella takes ownership of her father’s boutique.  This would allow the player to continue playing and being able to keep designing clothing and expanding the boutique as well as getting to create things for royals as well. In addition you now have the palace to utilize and design rooms for. The game would stay in the style of Animal Crossing New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, and Amiibo Festival. 3D with asset art in 2D. Initially aimed at handheld but if expanded could be for console. Yas.

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