Monday, September 12, 2016

Duke de Castro - Week 1 HW

Borderlands 2 combined with the hunchback of Notredame. 

The main character has been locked inside a cell his entire life by his father.  He finally breaks out and is looking to stop his father’s tyrannical reign over the city.  He meets a woman and a man as he is traveling through the city who help him on his journey.  At the conclusion, he faces his father and they end up killing each other after their epic fight.  The City is finally freed of his rule.  Gameplay: Basically it would be a side scroller game where you are traveling through the city.  You are able to do acrobatics based on the different objects around: ledges, walls, ect.  You have one special move that charges up periodically and can upgrade it as time goes on, but can also do combos.  Boss fights would confine you to one space where you would have to battle them through different acrobatic moves.  (Somewhat like Mega-Man)  As for power-up modules, you would find health as well as health modules that increased your overall health bar.  You will also find objects that power up your special move.  The models will be 3d and set in a 2d world.  The style will be Borderlands artwork. 

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