Monday, September 12, 2016

Edwin Peraza - Week 1 HW

This story utilizes the fairy tale of the Tortoise and the hire with reference to jack and daxter as the main heroes. This game is an action adventure RPG, and the story for this game is that in this world there is a rich civilization, and a ,poor civilization. This story is set in a futuristic world, where a great race is held by the rich civilization and the prize is a great fortune. But this race is perilous and many people will die on the journey, which is the kind of enjoyment the rich people like. Everyone is allowed to join in the race rich or poor, but the poor have a huge disadvantage because they aren’t backed by sponsors who give the rich racers expensive and very efficient vehicles. Regardless of this fact poor people from neighboring lands come to take part in this race, and one of those is you the main character the torise essentially. And you race with all kinds of people including the rich racer who is essentially the hire. The hire with wealthy sponsors outraces most of the poor because of his advanced vehicle, but you the tortoise manage to keep up with him  because despite your disadvantages you are an extremely good racer. So once the hire sees that you're a threat he begins to cheat, and tried to get the rich to kick you out of the race thru bribery but fails because by now the rich public like you too much and wants to keep this entertainment going so leave you be. Therefore the Hire is the final boss because he is now gunning for you. Throughout the game you race in different locations with all kinds of racers, this is a massive planet wide race so it take weeks to complete therefore along the way racers actually have to stop and make repairs and resupply which is when the game goes from the racing aspect too the defence and gather portion which is where all the racers stop at certain cities or checkpoints where you can buy or find supplies and make repairs. This portion of the game you can team up with other like minded racers who can possibly help you in the end for the boss fight or just throughout the game. This part of the game you can walk around the area and help racers or locals that need repairs, supplies, or are under attack and they will intern help you throughout the game. This is another way you can earn more money or upgrades to your vehicle. This race is also a massive entertainment event so the better you do the more sponsors you are able to get which get you upgrades or money. In the races your vehicle has weapons to fight with other racers, and when you're at checkpoints you have weapons such as guns or melee to do various missions around the area.

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