Monday, September 12, 2016

Jongmin Seo - Week 1 HW

Kingdom Hearts 2 combined with Journey of monkey king.

Story Pitch

Young monkey, has a father who saved the world and became a hero. but he has never

met him, and lived with his mom in small village in one near mountain. One day, a

monster attacked his village and he lost neighbor and mom. He realized he couldn’t save

them because he was not strong enough like his father. So he left the town and go find the

guru, who taught his father before. While he gets trained, found out the monster, who

killed his people, was attacking another village. And he finally killed that monster. But the

monster was actually being controlled by young monkey’s father, known as hero. He

finally faces his father and save the world against at him, and became a true hero.

In game

Game play is action RPG, and more like kid-friendly render like Kingdom Hearts. You

are gonna travel four different stages, and overall world designs are based on traditional

Chinese’s mountains and village. Basically game goes on by following the main story and

events. The character has health and mana bar, and he can use special combo by

combing basic attack button with magic skill using mana.

Boss fight events will be happened when you follow the main event. Character has two

ultimate sets; one is what you can use when you want by using mana and leveling up.

Mostly it is used with attack and magic, like a combo set. And the other one is triggered in

every different situation in boss fight.(or fighting with many enemies at once). For

example, you are gonna take a different action with flying type boss and just normal type

of boss. This ultimate will be triggered when you fulfill some specific requirement, like

dropping down the boss’s health bar to 20%, or attacking boss’s weakness spot, like leg or eyes.

There is no visible level up system in this game, but if you want to learn some higher

ultimate or magic, you have to take basic skill first, because its sealed.

For power-up items, you can get weapons from stores and completing mini quests or

hidden quests. Also you are gonna get some power-up point once you beat the monster

and boss, and you can use that point to increase your health, mana or learning new skills,

so you need to use that balancing out.

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