Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Duke de Castro - Week 2 HW

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Hero’s Journey
Call to Adventure - Quasimodo, who has been kept inside a cell for his whole life for his “own safety” by his father, who he thinks is a kind and just man, finds out from an outside source that his father is actually an evil man and wreaking havoc on his city through his tyrannical dictatorship.

The Refusal to the Call - He refuses to believe his father is an evil man, but when he is presented with evidence he quickly changes his mind.

Meeting with the Mentor - He meets with a priest who helps him to better understand the world outside the walls of his cell and awakens his inner anger.

Crossing the Threshold - He finally starts to traverse the city, which he is completely unfamiliar with, looking for his father.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies - Meets a woman who escaped from the evil clutches of Quasimodo’s father and a former Soldier who defected from his father’s forces.

Approach - Quasimodo and his new found allies try to sort out a way to infiltrate a variety of his father’s bases.

The Ordeal - They successfully infiltrate  base after base and finally come face to face with his father, however he sends his soldiers and their captain after them. They are nearly killed, but barely escape.

The Reward -  When he met with his father he revealed his true plans to “purify” the city from all the useless citizens, thus unlocking another level of anger in Quasimodo.

The Road Back - At this point, the entire team of soldiers are searching for Quasimodo and his allies as they are trying to recover from their defeat. They must recover and find Frollo so they can end his reign.

The Resurrection - they finally reach Frollo’s final base and in the great battle both of his allies are killed. His anger comes to a pinnacle, but he is beaten to near death. In the last hurrah he finally defeats Frollo.

Return with the Elixir - He has lost his two companions, but he is happy to know that he and the city are safe.  

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