Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Edwin Peraza - Week 2 HW

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    Ordinary world: This story begins with a young teenage boy who is portrayed by the character Jack from the jack and daxter games. Jack lives in the poor city of this world and he essentially lives off of the people by being a thief, therefore many people don’t take kindly to him. He has no family nor friends because he is an orphan. Jack is an energetic, cocky, and usually acts on instinct.
The call to adventure occurs when  he sees an ad on one of the jumbo screens in the city square, talking about this great race that will be held and that it will be a spectacle of action, death, and with a prize worth much fortune. But Jack ignores this because he has no fancy racing vehicle and that he’s contempt with his life right now.

Mentor/Crossing the threshold: In the city there is a gang that bullies many people there much like the mafia in which they threaten people with businesses  and make pay them a cut of their profits in exchange for protection. Meanwhile jack then continues on and stumbles upon a mechanics shop which intrigues him so he goes in there to steal supplies that could be valuable. When he gets in no ones is home but then as he’s leaving the owner known as Daxter catches wind of this and tries to stop him. But as this commotion is happening the thugs from the local gang enter expecting there usual payment. Jack refuses so a fight breaks out, Jack wins but one of the gang members escapes. While Jack gloats over this, daxter is furious because the gang member that escaped will now tell their boss Baron Praxis and Jack and Daxter will now be permanent enemies of the gang. They both realize this and plan to leave the city. Daxter fights with jack because jack has essentially destroyed daxter's life because he now has to abandon his shop but to repay Daxter Jack has a plan, If Daxter can build him a Racing vehicle then they have a chance to win the great race. Daxter agrees because he really has no choice so that's the meeting the mentor slash crossing the threshold phase.Daxter is the more
 Tests, Allies, and Enemies: As both characters progress through the great race they race against many different characters and environments which challenge the heros in many ways. Baron Praxis the leader of the gang follows you and joins the race to legally kill you and to gain the prize, which make him a formidable villain.  Along the way on one of the many checkpoints Jack and Daxter save keira a local merchant from Baron Praxis, and she becomes an ally, by being your first sponsor which give you more equipment so that daxter can put upgrades on your ship.

Approach: by this time they have made it this far in the race the rich racers have taken notice. The main rich racer erol has been in the lead this entire time, but our heroes have been catching up, and this catches Erols eye and he confronts you. As you rise through the ranks you and your vehicle gain better equipment and upgrades.

Ordeal: Erol then approaches Baron Praxis and persuades him to take you down for good because you are gaining too much attention and momentum in the race. This is when you take down Baron Praxis along the race in an exciting boss battle.

Reward: After that ordeal you gain closure because this enemy that you have been running from is now gone. This spectacle impresses the viewers of the great race and the hero's then gain wealthy sponsors, which fund your team now, thus immensely upgrading your equipment and vehicle.
The Road Back:This worries Erol even more because now you the hero is at a level playing field and have a high chance at winning the race. Erol this whole time holding back is now gunning for you anyway he can. Erol is so concentrated on winning the race that he convinces the other racers to also try to eliminate you by offering them his winnings  once he wins the race. The heroes survive this and face the final stretch of the race with Erol.
The Resurrection: Our heroes win the race and come out of it transformed as free men with a promising future.
Return with the Elixir: They then return to their city now wealthy and free from intimidating gangs.

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