Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jongmin Seo - Week 2 HW

- more under cut -
    Once upon a time ago before the great young monkey was born in, demon king invaded the world with troops of demon, and killed people destroying the world. Gods in sky castle sent an army to stop them, but they couldn’t protect people from the enemies. So the world and people were almost on the road to ruin. Just then Wu and his friends showed up, a killed the demon king. After all, Wu and his friends became a great hero, and Wu became a general in sky castle as a demi-god.
After this war, Wu got a baby, and his name was Kong, the main character in this story. Kong has never met Wu since he was born, but only heard about his heroic biography through his mom and neighborhoods. All he knows about him was when Wu left his family, Kong's mom and baby Kong, he gave his magic stick for Kong saying, "once he gets to his destiny, it will wake up from the seal."
He was living with his mom and they live up on doing fishing at river in small village. Kong was shy and didn’t have that many friends but only his pet, talking lizard, Ben. Ben was with him since he was a baby.
Even Kong’s dad saved the world from the demon king 10 years ago, there were still left demon and monsters were hidden in some places and sometimes they attacked people invading village. One day, after Kong helped his mom’s fishing. One monster attacked his neighborhoods. Kong and his pet lizard were only survivals from that monster.
Kong had a guilty for that he couldn't save them from the monster’s attack and wished to be strong like his dad. To be strong, he had to leave the village and find a guru who fought with Kong's dad before against at demon.  While he was trained by the guru, Kong heard about the monster, which destroyed Kong's village and killed people before. The monster was attacking people again, and he decided to take the revenge on him.
Finally, he could beat that monster, but the monster told Kong that he was controlled by Wu, Kong's dad. Wu got arrogant since he became the most powerful man on the sky and wanted to rule people on ground. And demons were captured in prison made Wu had fallen low by encouraging him to conquer the world together.  Since Wu is a demi-god, no one could kill him but only his son. But Kong was against at that because reason why he left his village was not only taking a revenge on the monster, but being like his father. But at that moment, his friend lizard gets changed his shape to the magic stick Wu gave Kong ago. Finally, the lizard Ben got released from the seal.
But Kong couldn’t even reach where Wu stays, because Wu was a demi-god and normal people can’t even touch him. The only way that he could fight against at his dad was equipping a magic armor like Wu did. To get that armor, he needed to pass the four tests to get each armor’s parts. Beating the monsters. For final parts, magic helmet, he had to wear that to pass the test. Once he wears that, it gives him either death with heart attack or equivalent power with Wu. It gave him heart attack first, but Kong endured that, and passed that test finally.
At the end, he faced to his father, Wu at the biggest volcano mountain in the ground. Wu touched the core of the volcano to destroy the whole world. Kong beat his dad, but had no way to stop the volcano’s explosion. So he sacrificed himself to stop that.
But later, he was revived from that death being as a demi-god. Because mortals can’t be a demi-god with limited lifespan, and he had to get over that mortal’s destiny by sacrificing himself to save the world. That was his last quest.
After becoming a demi-god and hero, story ends with Kong is taking new journey to fight against at left demon in the world.

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