Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Leah Jackson - Week 2 HW

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Psyche and her Hero’s Journey
Psyche, currently a mortal human, is the main protagonist of this story. Her
immortal enemy Aphrodite, who is the antagonist of the story, envies her. Aphrodite, the
goddess of beauty, sends her son Eros (Cupid) to punish Psyche for stealing her admirers.
When he goes to try and carry out his task, Eros (Cupid) meets Psyche and falls in love
with her. After being together for a while, Aphrodite convinces Psyche’s sisters to
persuade Psyche to look upon Eros with an oil lamp, something she is not supposed to do.
Filled with the temptation of seeing her lover she listens to them and lays her eyes upon
him. Eros (cupid) reaches out for her as he begins to disappear. Psyche frantically tries to
call upon the gods for help. The only one to respond is Pan (Supernatural Aid), the god of
wilderness. He explains that he will help her find the temple of Demeter, goddess of
growth and harvest, whom might know how to get Eros to reappear. The first Temple
(threshold) is a plant/agriculture themed temple. The plants are all rotten and dead
because Demeter is upset because her daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades to
become the Queen of the Underworld. Psyche must solve puzzles and whack her way
through abnormally large plants to reach Demeter (the first boss). After fighting and
defeating Demeter (becomes a helper), she will gain respect for Psyche and advise her to
appease Aphrodite in order to see Eros again (“You must really love him, you will need
to appease his mother Aphrodite as I cannot interfere”). Demeter will also ask that you
deliver a message to her daughter (who is bound to the underworld permanently) if she is
able to make it to the underworld. The second temple is the temple of Aphrodite (themed
of love, beauty, and doves). Here Psyche will be bullied by Aphrodite to do ridiculous
tasks like organizing giant piles and piles of small foods like poppy seeds, barley, wheat,
and corn by morning. Ants (helper) will gather these foods to help her out of pity, in
which Aphrodite will begin to battle Psyche for receiving help. After beating Aphrodite,
she will reason with you and give you one more impossible task to collect a box from
Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, to have a chance to see Eros again. Pan will direct
Psyche to the gate of the Underworld, where she will meet Charon (helper)(the ferryman
of the underworld). Using a token Psyche won from defeating Demeter, she will pay
Charon to take her across the gates. Here she will have to battle the miny boss Cerbeus
(the three headed dog). She will then solve puzzles in the temple to eventually make her
way to Persephone. She will battle Persephone in her temple (themed of death, darkness,
and hell) and collect the box after defeating her. Aphrodite will then appear as a voice to
persuade Psyche to look inside the box. Psyche will refuse learning her lesson from
giving in to temptation (atonement). Aphrodite will force her to look and Psyche will fall
into a permanent sleep. Eros will reappear after sensing his lover’s heart stop. He will
then take her to Zeus and explain what Aphrodite has done. In which Zeus will revive
Psyche and grant her the gift of immortality (gift of the goddess) and assign her to be the
Goddess of the Soul (transformation) as a reward for passing the series of impossible
tests combined with her undying commitment and love for Eros.

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