Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jong Min Seo - Week 3 HW

1. The hero was born in small mountain. his dad is a hero and he gives him a sealed item when he leaves.
2. One day, the monster attacks his village and the here lost his mom.
3.  The hero wishes to be like his dad so he could protect his mom. And he sets off to be strong
4. The hero meets the guru, his dad's friend, and gets trained by him.
5.  The hero finds out the monster who killed his mom, and finally takes a revenge on this monster.
6. The hero hears that his dad was controlling this monster because his dad had fallen low by the demons, and got evil.
7. The here is against at stopping his dad, but the sealed item wakes up and he realizes this is his duty.
8. The hero takes quests to stop his dad.
9. For a final test, the here almost got dad, but he passes it and finally sees his dad.
10. The hero finally stops his dad, but he has to sacrifice himself to save the world.
11. The here revived from the death and becomes demi-god like his dad.
12. The here leaves another journey to stop left demon and monsters in the world and the story ends.

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