Thursday, September 22, 2016

Leah Jackson - Week 3 HW

1) Psyche and Eros/Cupid fall in love (Sent by Aphrodite)
2) Psyche is persuaded to reveal Eros’s identity and spills hot wax onto him and he
3) Psyche meets her Spiritual Aid (Pan)
4) Psyche goes to Demeter’s temple, beats her in battle, and receives a token
5) Psyche goes to Aphrodite’s temple (She gives her impossible tasks in order to “prove
herself” to see Eros once again)
6) Psyche is ordered by Aphrodite to go to the gates of the Underworld (Pays Ferryman
with token received from Demeter)
7) Psyche battles Cerberus (miny boss)
8) Psyche reaches Persephone’s temple and battles her (receives box)
9) Psyche is coerced by Aphrodite’s vision to open Persephone’s box and falls into
eternal sleep (Eros finds her)
10) Eros takes Psyche to Zeus in which she is revived by and receives the gift of

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