Thursday, September 22, 2016

Melissa Peterman - Week 3 HW

1. Introduction of hero
a. Is raised by his grandfather
1. Is taught how to survive, but has never ventured outside their home
2. The Hero's grandfather dies, forcing him to eventually leave the safety their home
3. The Hero journeys through the abandoned lands gathering supplies and searching for other survivors
4. The Hero experiences his first night outside
1. He was trying to find shelter, but ran out of time
2. The environment becomes warped
3. The ghosts appear and are very hostile
5. The Hero is attacked by a giant rat ghost
1. Runs away, until he find a surface to draw on
2. His cat drawings save him in the end (they kill the rat)
3. His general love for cats grows
6. After finally finding a small place to hide, the Hero rests, awaiting for the morning, where he would continue his quest to find other people
1. cat drawings dance across the walls

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