Monday, September 12, 2016

Melissa Peterman - Week 1 HW

The Lonely Boy Who Drew Cats

After the near extinction of humanity, deadly ghosts flock the realm of reality. The

protagonist, Seto, is one of the few remaining humans alive. After the death of his grandfather,

the only family member Seto ever had, he sets off and roams the abandoned land of man in

hopes of finding other survivors. To combat against aggressive ghosts, Seto uses a necklace he

inherited from his deceased grandfather; a necklace that grants Seto the power to bring his

drawings to life and fight against spirits. There is only one small problem. Despite his

grandfather's attempts to teach him art skills, Seto only knows how to draw cats.

The Game Incorporated (Fragile Dreams)

I. Environment/Setting
a. A world abandoned by humans, teeming with dangerous spirits
b. Atmosphere is eerie and depressing
c. Main character is incredibly lonely and wants to find other survivors

II. The Original Game Mechanics
a. In the game, Seto was able to combat against spirits using items/weapons he finds while exploring.
i. The necklace gave him that power to physical attack ghosts

III. Alternated Game Mechanics for story
a. Seto cannot harm ghost using weapons, rather Seto uses cat drawings that come to life to attack the ghosts
i. Instead of a head on approach, it with be more tactile and trap base.

The Story Incorporated (The boy who drew cats)

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