Monday, September 12, 2016

Mercedes Smith - Week 1 HW

Im basing my series around a folk tale called “Sagan om älgtjuren Skutt och lilla

prinsessan Tuvstarr” Which is The bull moose Skutt and the little princess

Tuvstarr. A story about a princess from dreamland who wanted to explore

the world as she never had, even though the bull advised against it

because she was too innocent to see the darkness in the world. She

persisted and he ended up taking her, they met a lot of bad things and had

a lot of bad things happen. In the end the moose took her to a black pond

in the forest where she was entranced with the glittering water. Although

the moose warned her not to get too entranced by the water she did

anyways. While leaning towards the pond, her gold heart which was

around her neck slid over her head and into the water. The last of her

innocence, distraught that she had lost her heart in the water she began

looking for it. No matter what the moose said, even though he warned her

not to look for one thing too long or she would forget everything else. She

didn’t listen and continued to look. Soon enough she found the moose was

gone, years later the moose came back and in the princesses place was a

slender flower leaning over the pond. I’m mixing this story with the game

The flame in the flood, a survival game in a top three quarter kind of view.

It’s very painterly and colorful, focusing on lighting and mood to get the

message across. I think for this story a game style like this is ideal to

demonstrate the folktale. An homage to John Bauers illustration to the

story. I also like the folktale because it can be changed and moved to fit

current and present times. Such as children growing up in the syrian war,

they are growing up in a loving and great environment and no nothing

about the harshness of the world. Although now this is all they are exposed

to, in such a brutal method it changes a person for the worst. Such as it

was for the little princess who was a being of kindness and innocence.

There would be little in terms of power ups, there would be survival

aspects. Which correlate with the Flame in the Flood game. Such as the

scene where she stumbles upon a which and her trolls. It’s not about

power ups and fighting but more about checkpoints and memories. It’s

more about witnessing the events happening and following a path to get

you to an ending.

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