Monday, September 12, 2016

Richard Peraza - Week 1 HW

    I’ll be mixing the story of Thumbelina with a twist of the game Silent Hill.   You will be playing as Rose, the mother of Thumbelina.  Rose made a deal with a sorceress in a desperate need of a child of her own.  Little did she know that the sorceress is the Devil himself.  The sorceress warn her that there will be hardships, but Rose confidently accept this life challenge.   
A seed was given to Rose in which the sorceress explain that you have to grow it overnight and it’ll become your child.  Shockley the child is not human, but that doesn’t stop Rose from loving her.  She named her Thumbelina.  

Quickly word got out of Rose inhuman child and eventually Thumbelina was taken by the government because of her plant like body structure and unique abilities.  Thumbelina was taken to a research company called the Metatoad corporation where she is to be studied and experimented.  Metatoad corporation is run by Mr. Toad, Mrs. Toad, and their son Grundel.  For many years Thumbelina was trapped in her prison until one day Grundel fell in love with Thumbelina and foolishly free her from her prison.  Filled with sorrow and rage, Thumbelina instinct is to destroy everyone who ever hurted her and destroy anyone in her path.  Now word of Thumbelina location is out, this is now Rose chance to rescue her from her destruction.  

    This game will be a horror game/ third Person shooter.  Weapons will be limited to small firearms and melee weapons.  Ammo are very scarce so it would be wise to save your ammo and avoid enemies as possible.   You will also have to face many puzzles as it will benefit your favor in unlocking doors, hacking to security cameras, and rewarding you with weapons, medkits, ammo and extra ingame story intel.  The enemies you’ll be facing against are Metatoads armed security enforcers and experiment monsters controlled by Thumbelina.  The artwork design will be dark, gruesome, and disturbing, just like Silent Hill.

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