Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mercedes Smith - Week 2 HW

- more under cut -
1.  The princess is introduced in a beautiful setting. A field of flowers, a light breeze. It is twilight eternally. A perfect world. She is sad, she want’s to see the “ real world “ she has never seen it.

2. The moose comes along and the princess frantically calls out to him asking him to take her with him.

3. The moose tells her the world is not so nice and it will ruin her. She refuses to believe it, pestering him until he accepts.

4. The moose is the one who informs her of the unfortunates of the world.

5. NA see step 4

6. 7. 8. 9. The journey along the way, in the original story there are elves and fairies and witches. With the included modern day aspects I am still deciding what I want to do.  She loses everything during this journey. She is tainted and lost. Naked and alone.

11. The pond where she once again stops to wonder at the world. To have it take her very last piece, her heart.

12. She turns into a flower.

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