Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Richard Peraza - Week 2 HW

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Ordinary World: Rose is a sweet women who lives in a home surrounded by her loving garden.  Rose also have a best friend name Mr. Bird and they both work at the Metatoad corporation as their top scientist.  Metatoad is a research company of herbs and medicine where Rose and Mr.bird study and experiment on plants and animals to discover cures for diseases. 

 Other than her job, she cares very much about her Garden and wishes to share that love with a child of her own.  One day Rose discover a flower shop in her town and met a strange old lady.  Knowing that Rose wishes for a child of her own, the old lady gave her a seed and explain that if she grows this seed, it will grow to become your child.  The old lady warn her that there will be hardships in taking care of this child, but Rose confidently accept this life challenge.  After growing the seed at her home, Rose was shocked to see that the plant actually did grew to become a little girl, except that this was not any ordinary human.  The little girl appear to have plant like features,but that doesn’t stop Rose from adopting her, naming her new daughter Thumbelina. 
It was not long until Mr. and Mrs. Toad, the big bosses of the Metatoad corporation learn of Rose inhuman child and capture them both.  Thumbelina was separated from her mother to be study and experimented while Rose is locked up in her lab, force to work for Mr. and Mrs. Toad for the sake of her life. 

Years later, Grundel, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Toad fell in love with Thumbelina and foolishly free fer from her prison.  Filled with sorrow and rage, Thumbelina instinct is to destroy everyone who ever hurted her and anyone in her path.

Call to adventure/ Meeting with the mentor: Now that Thumbelina escape and causing chaos deep within corporation, Rose was given an escape route with the help of an old friend Mr. Bird.  This gave Rose to take on the journey to find and rescue her daughter and stop her from her destruction. 

Crossing the threshold: Rose would have to adventure throughout the Metatoad facilities, sneaking through labs, hallways, and security.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies: Throughout the game, Rose will be guided by Mr.Bird in helping her pass through security, hacking cameras, opening doors, looking for weapons, and looking out for enemies. 

    In the middle of the game, Mr.Toad will play as your ally and help you find your daughter but in the end goal to have you and Thumbelina destroyed so he can rebuild his corporation.

    Many of the enemies you have to face are Mr.Toad’s armed security enforcers and experimented monsters controlled by Thumbelina.

Approach:  By this time, Rose will be going through new challenges in solving more difficult puzzles, hacking through higher security, and defeating stronger enemies with each stronger weapons discovered.

The Ordeal: After locating her daughter, Mr.Toad trapped Rose in a arena with Thumbelina where she is forced to fight her.  Rose will have to use every skill and weapons if she is to defeat her Thumbelina.

The Reward: Rose have manage to defeat her daughter just to get close enough for Thumbelina to recognize her own mother.  From there Rose achieve her goal in retrieving her daughter. 

The Roadback: Now that Rose have her daughter, her next plan is to destroy this facility and escape this place with Thumbelina and Mr. Bird.  As for Mr.Toad, he will do everything to destroy you to save his corporation.

The Resurrection: Just at the brink of escape, Mr. Toad was the only thing in the way of their path.  But thanks to Mr. Bird sacrifice, Rose and Thumbelina manage to fight their out before the facility got destroyed. 

Return with the Elixir: Now that the Metatoad Corporation is gone, Rose and Thumbelina can live their lives in peace. 

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