Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sebatsian Kings - Week 2 HW

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Our hero is a young boy - about 16 years old, who helps build a boat with his father to win a prestigious regatta. The story takes place on the American east coast - with visual cues taken from the region’s maritime history, such as whaling in Nantucket Island and the navy yards in Boston and Norfolk.
He comes from a poor background in the midst of the industrial revolution, working as a deckhand at a shipyard. His Call to Adventure is seeing a poster advertising the race - and the promise of winning not only the trophy but fortune and a better life. His Supernatural Aid is his father who helps him design and build their vessel - a triple expansion screw steamer.
They Cross the Threshold  to the unknown when they arrive at the starting point of the race. The threshold guardian is the crew of the opposing vessel, as well as the general public - who are doubtful of aging steam technology. Their competition’s boat will be a hydrofoil that takes design cues from the fledgling aeronautical industry, using shape language and technology that has a faster, lightweight, and sporty sensibility. This means aerodynamic shapes, and modern innovations such as a reciprocating diesel engine.
The race goes north up the eastern seaboard and takes several days - giving plenty of time for a multitude of environments and hazards. These represent the Challenges and Temptations- starting with the opposing boat speeding off from the start, while our protagonist’s boat has engine trouble and won’t start at first. They must brave the elements and nature, and avoid the temptation of giving up and turning into one of the many ports they pass during the race. Along the way, their boat gets attacked by an aggressive whale during a patch of rough weather - and the boy’s father tells him not to give up before being lost overboard. This scene constitutes the Abyss, or hero’s low point. Realizing that trying to rescue his father in such harsh conditions would be pointless, the boy presses onwards, realizing that he can’t abandon the promise of a better life from winning the race. 
The next day, he receives an Atonement from his father in the form of a radio message - that he has been recovered by a Coast Guard cutter, and that the opposing team had to stop for repairs - meaning that he has a chance at winning the race. He gives the engine full power and overtakes the other vessel. They get their engine working shortly after, and go top speed for the finish line. Our protagonist had built up just enough of a lead to win the race in a photo finish, This is the Return, where our hero gains the gift of fame and fortune, and shares his newfound wealth at his old home at the shipyard.

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