Friday, October 21, 2016

Andrew Cheng - Week 5 HW

Tess’s death – Ellie reveals her power
Story Beats:
1.    Joel, Tess and Ellie venture into the deeper parts of the woods
2.    The group sits down and set up a fire and decide to rest for a bit
3.    Tess is on the look out
4.    A werewolf jump out from the shadow and attack her
5.    Though wounded, Tess fights back with her hunting knife and managed to shoot the werewolf with her pistol
6.    Alarmed by the commotion, the other two came to Tess’s rescue
7.    Joel shot the werewolf in the back
8.    Joel tries to tackle the werewolf but was pinned to the ground
9.    The werewolf is about to bite Joel’s head off
10.    Ellie used her magic ( for the first time) to fight it off
11.    Joel finishes the werewolf off with a stab to the heart
12.    Turns out that Tess is severely wounded
13.    Not wanting to turn into a werewolf, Tess bid them farewell and jumped off a cliff.

Sunset, light casting long shadows on the three characters as they make their way through the woods.
Ellie: So.. what’s for dinner tonight?
Joel: Shhh..Ellie, remember? we gotta be careful with noises in here.
Ellie: Sure, DAD (sarcastically)..
Tess: hah, tensing up a bit too much huh Joel? We’re not that far away from the village. Plus we didn’t see any sign of those fuckers, yet.
Joel: U can never be too cautious in these woods, I’ve seen more than you have. Now quit lollygagging ladies and let’s hustle.
Tess: If you say so, Mr grumpy face.
Tess & Ellie: *chuckles
The group continues traveling in the woods.
They stop at a tree, where they found traces of were wolfs.
Joel: What did I tell ya. Stay alert guys. They can jump on us every second.
Tess: How the Fuck.. they’ve never been so close to the village. This isn’t good, not at all.
Joel: God knows what’s going through their numb skulls these days, I always knew things were gonna get worse.

Ellie: let’s keep moving guys, this is seriously creeping me out.
Joel and Tess: Yes ma’am
The group moves on and decides to settle down for the night, they set up a fire beside a large rock and sat around it. Tess volunteers to be on lookout duty and climbed on top of the rock. Joel and Ellie starts a conversation.
Joel: So, Ellie, if u don’t mind, tell me something about your grandma would ya?
Ellie: Sure.. I’d love to tell you all about her, but all I remember is that she lives by herself in a small cabin and she makes killer beef stews.
Joel: hmm.. so you two don’t see each other often?
Ellie: She took care of me when I was very little, and Since then I lived with my parents … that was until they were killed of course…
Joel: I’m sorry.. um.. so is grandma your only family member alive then?
Ellie: I guess.. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the last person I’m biologically related to.
Joel: Then you must mean a lot to her, she didn’t pay little to get us off our lazy asses. * chuckles * You are one lucky girl to have a such loving grandma looking out for you, I remember back then… *sign* never mind, so much for nostalgia. Lets get some good sleep Ellie, we have a rough day ahead of us.
Ellie: I don’t know Joel.. I’m getting nervous, something just.. feels off, it’s bugging the hell outta me.  ugh..Maybe.. maybe I’m just nervous to meet her after all these years.

Joel: whoa whoah stop right there, lets not let our minds run too wild now. Hey, what could possibly go wrong? It’s a family reunion for God’s sake. We’ll get you there safely, and you’ll be living with your grandma. You should be happy right? No reason to be paranoid about it. Now go to sleep. Good night Ellie.
Ellie: k..Good night.
The two goes to sleep.
Meanwhile, Tess seats on the top of the rock, watching the two sleeping.
Tess(quietly to herself) : He he, what’s the matter with you, I thought you always hated kids.
After a while, A shadow appeared behind the bushes, suddenly a werewolf rushed towards Tess in the dark. Alarmed by the noise, Tess picked up her pistol and rolled to her left.  The werewolf claws flung just a few inches above her head. Tess fired a shot and hit the werewolf in between the ribs, resulting in a loud wail. The noise woke the other two.
Tess: Sleeps over guys!! We got a situation here!
Joel: Hang on, I got him from here.
Joel took out his hunting musket, aimed, and fired. The bullet went through the werewolf’s chest, but missing the heart by inches. Infuriated, the werewolf leaped down towards Joel. Joel threw the musket away and drew out his hunting knife. But was knocked to the side, the werewolf had his eyes on Ellie, who he deemed as a easy kill. Joel grabbed the werewolf by its fur and held it by its neck, ready to stab the werewolf in the head , but he found out that he dropped it in the previous contact.
Joel: * grunts* HEY!! Tess! Goddamnit!! I can’t hold on much longer. TESS!
Tess: Got it!
As Joel gets flung into the air. Tess pulls out her knife and stabbed the werewolf right in its lower spine, paralyzing it’s lower body. The werewolf collapsed, but with its mobile upper body, it turned around and nailed Tess into the ground.  Holding Tess in place with its sharp curved claws, the werewolf sinks its teeth into Tess’s shoulder.
Tess: *screams in pain*
Joel: NOOOO!!
Ellie: Tesss!!
Ellie uses her magical power, she started emitting a blue light, a blue stream of fire shoot out of her head, burning one side the werewolf’s face, forcing it to roll over to the other side. Taking Tess’s knife, Joel charged towards the werewolf and stabbed it in the chest multiple times until it stopped moving. Panting heavily Joel and Ellie walked back to Tess.
Joel(check Tess’s wound): Oh Jesus..
Ellie: No, .. I didn’t mean for this. 
Tess: Our luck had to end sooner or later( line from original). I just didn’t think it would be so fast..
Ellie: No, you’ll be okay. We can carry you back to the village, and.. and..
Tess: And what, let them kill me there?
Joel: Tess..
Tess: Make sure you take the girl home safely, ok? finish what we started.
Joel: I will, I will..
Tess: Farewell, Old timer.
Joel: ..

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