Friday, October 21, 2016

Andrew Fichthorn - Week 5 HW

script under cut

All cutscene
*  = story beat
# = shot number
Hero enters the center of the labyrinth through a large doorway. ( from his backside to show how small he is using the doorway to lead the eye to the character(slight dutch angle).) #1 (only shot with lighting in mind)

*hero walks into large cave/enemy hq

Cuts to angle showing him from the front in the background in the foreground an old man messing with some tools n stuff. #2

*he sees an old man ( secretly the antagonist) #3

Old Man: He shrieks/stutters(because he’s making it up on the spot) “Thank the Gods, they sent a hero to help me escape from being the , being so old and weak I-” #4

Hero: “Quiet down or you’ll wake the beast” #4

Old Man : Good thinking It would be far easier to escape while the Beast is asleep.  #5

Hero;“ I'm not here to help you escape, I'm here to kill the Minotaur.” #5

Old Man: “just help me escape you won't be able to kill him.” #6

Hero: “Then I’ll die trying.” #7

*Hero Talks to old man, wants to fight minitaur

Old Man: “I can see that I won't be able to change your mind, follow me, I made plans to kill him along time ago, it may help you.”  #8
* Hero talks to old man, the old man wants to help him.

Old Man: “This way follow me.” #8

They walk towards door #9
Old Man “THrough this door quickly”  # 10
pulls lever and door opens. #11
Old man follows the hero in and hits him in the back of the head #12 or #13 as soon as he makes contact hard cut to black. #14
*Old man tricks hero and hits him in the back of the head with a hammer and he is knocked out.

From perspective of hero on the floor in the middle of the room
*Hero wakes up after being hit vision is fuzzy

Old Man : “Good you’re awake, sorry for the mess i didn't expect you to get here so quickly”
Incomprehensible talking  #15
Old Man grunting as he moves from bending over to standing up “-not as easy as it used to be.” #16

*Old man is talking to him (evil monologue) and Vision is no longer fuzzy

Hero “Behind you!”

Old man: “What to get away from the minotaur? “There is no minitaur I've been using you fools all along.”
Old man: Maniacal laughing “you still don't get it do you” “I helped you through the labrynthe because I thought you were smart enough to succeed me, to continue where I left off.” #17- #20

*minotaur mech slowly moves towards him and scoops him up

Old man” You could have been a God” #21
*old man is lifted up into the control room in  the head of the minotaur.
Start boss battle
Other not script stuff

Should the main character (hero) be voiced or silent
As the theory goes, inserting a speechless playable character into a narrative-centric game yields the digital equivalent of the tabula rasa, and upon this blank slate, the player may imprint whatever personality she wishes. Or, as Zach Sensei puts it on his blog:
When playing a game with a silent protagonist there is no clear distinction between your voice and theirs. Having a silent protagonist is one of the best ways to ensure the player has a more personal connection to the protagonist. When another character in a game talks to the silent protagonist our emotional reaction becomes the hero’s reaction. We are no longer forced to accept the character’s emotional responses if they are different than the way we would behave.  “Silent Protagonist”,The Art of Gaming 101, 15 Aug. 2011)
Games I loved with voice acting for the main player
Alan Wake (very story heavy)

Games i loved without voice acting
Dead space
Half life
Dead space

Exploration/Puzzle games with silent protaginist
Portal 1 and 2
The stanley parable
The Talos principle

Even if not silent needs a Wilson:Castaway to talk to. Or a glados:portal Wheatley:portal2

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