Friday, October 21, 2016

Ashley Rusli - Week 5 HW

1.    A candle is seen lit in the dark, silhouettes of mother and daughter visible (flashback)
2.    Timun Mas and Mbok Srini are crouched near a candle, tense.
3.    “It’s time…” a whisper. A pleading expression on Mbok Srini. Light of the candle is the only thing illuminating her face.
4.    A similar lighting. Timun Mas returns the expression with a saddened one.
5.    They grip each other tightly, not wanting to let go
6.    They let go
7.    TImun Mas say’s encouragingly to her mother, “I can do this, I will be back.”
8.    A tear wells up in Mbok Srini’s face
9.    Suddenly the house shatters, a strong wind blows upon them,
10.     Putting out the light of the candle, a stream of smoke is visible
11.    Worms eye view of Butho Ijo standing above the house, a smile on his face
12.    “It is the promised date Srini! Give me your daughter!”, hand outstretched
13.    Timun Mas screams “never” defiantly next to the ruins of their house
14.    Seeds are scattered across Butho Ijo’s feet
15.    They explode into large entangling vines that grip Butho Ijo
16.    A view of Timun Mas fleeing into the forest while a large roar scares the birds
17.    Mbok Srini, clutches her heart and whispers please be safe, hiding underneath the rubble
18.    There is a glint in the corner of Butho Ijo’s eyes, as he knows where Mbok Srini is
19.    TImun Mas clutches her magical pouches as she jumps across the jungle brush
20.    “There is no escape…” blood is seen on the ground next to Butho Ijo’s feet as he proceeds to chase after Timun Mas.

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