Friday, October 21, 2016

Duke de Castro - Week 5 HW

script under cut

Story Script

Starts off in a long somewhat dim hallway.  The lights are flickering and the atmosphere is very gloomy and dirty. The man winds through a few hallways and finally come to a heavy metal door. He pauses, then proceeds to push it open and enters.

He comes into a room which resembles a jail cell. It is extremely dank, dark, and dirty. There is one dim lighting hanging from the ceiling that is barely illuminating the room. There are a lot of areas in pure darkness. One half of the room is is barred off, while the other has a bench lining the wall with a giant screen stretching along the wall.

The camera cuts to behind the bars, a chained foot illuminated by the overhead light. The mysterious man slightly tugs on the chain with his foot. The camera frames the bars and the mysterious figure in the center of the frame, his body cloaked in darkness, with only a portion of his hand and feet visible in light. You can see his partially grotesque body.

Mysterious Jailed Man: Why are you here?

Cuts to a medium shot of the man’s face framed in the darkness.

Man: It is news about your father, but you would not have heard because you are in here.

Cut back to jail cell.

Mysterious Jailed Man: It is for my own good...

Cuts back to man, same shot. The camera dollies with him as he slowly paces to the left.

Man: Your father, has been wreaking havoc on the city with his rule. He has killed many innocent people in the name of “Purity.”

Camera cuts to Mysterious man’s chained hand. His Finger twitches slightly.

Mysterious jailed man: You lie…

Man turns towards camera, framed on the left side.

Man: Quasimodo, it is the tru…

Quasimodo lurches forward aggressively, and reveals his disfigured face.

Quasimodo: You lie!!!

Man sighs.

Man: Words are lost upon you, Quasimodo. You may see for yourself.

The man turns on the giant screen across the wall and stands in front of the screen as disturbing footage plays, depicting horrible things that are going on with in the city. Quasimodo watches on with a look of disbelief on his face, the screen reflecting in his eyes.

Eventually the man turns off the screen.

Man: I will let you decide your path. I cannot tell you what is right.

The man reaches into his jacket and pulls out a key. He tosses it through the bars and it slides along the ground, glinting under the light.

Man: I pray you make the right decision.

He opens the door as light floods the room. He looks back, and then closes the door as he walks out.

Quasimodo picks up the key and looks at it seriously. He leans his arms on his knees, and cups his face in his gigantic hands. He then looks up with determination.

It cuts to a shot looking down a hallway. The metal door, which is the entrance to Quasimodo’s jail cell, suddenly becomes dented from the inside, and then is forcefully thrown against a wall as a barreling Quasimodo rushes out of the room. Alarms start to sound, and a voice is heard on the intercom. He looks left and right and starts to run down the hallway. 

Intercom Voice: There has been a breach in security, I repeat , there has been a breach in security. Cell 301.

A side shot following Quasimodo as he rages through the hallway. He grabs a guard’s head and smashes him against the wall, without missing a step.

The shot cuts to a brick wall. Quasimodo smashes through with the body of a guard and lands on him, with Quasimodo ending up facing the camera. A guard attacks Quasimodo from the left and Quasimodo punches him back. A guard attacks on Quasimodo’s right and he smashes him down. He faces the camera and yells.

Quasimodo: Fatherrrrr!!!

Cut to an upward shot of the Detainment building from the outside. The wall smashes open from one of the upper floors and quasimodo flies out, catches a post and swings off different poles ect. Until he lands dramatically in a gorilla-like stance. He then looks up and runs toward the camera until off scene.

Scene End.

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